Installation of stainless steel metering pump and points for attention
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The stainless steel metering pump is placed in the preheating furnace, and the preheating temperature is set according to the spinning process temperature. Generally, the preheating temperature is slightly higher than the spinning process temperature of 10. Preheating time, according to pump type, specifications, specifications and other requirements, is generally set at 8 to 24 hours.

From preheating to setting temperature, keep warm and wait for installation. Before loading, the stainless steel metering pump from the preheater needs to be flexible and then removed by hand plate inspection. If stuck, loosen the top cover screw review: blocking re-supervision disappeared, fastening nuts; blocking phenomenon did not disappear, need to check decomposition; after review, the installation of the pump should be stuck.

When installing the stainless steel metering pump, according to the torque required by the operation instructions of the pump, the torque wrench should be tightened evenly, that is to say, manual board check whether the rotation is flexible, if too tight, blockage phenomenon can loosen the fixed screw check: disappear tightness, blockage phenomenon, indicating that the connecting surface of the aircraft is bad, need to be further checked; blockage phenomenon has not disappeared, need to check the pump. Check, there is a card pump, not installed.

Note: Before installation, the connecting surface should carefully clean the stainless steel metering pump and pump plate to ensure no impurities; the fastening screw must use high temperature sintering oil; the temperature balance can be added to the fastening torque; the fastening must refer to the manual of the stainless steel metering pump. Too small, may lead to joint leakage; too large, will lead to pump failure.

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