Wuxi Yuanshu Intelligent Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing intellectualized and high-precision fluid metering and pumping integrated equipment for chemical, environmental protection, food, dyestuff, pharmaceutical and other industries. The new generation intelligent servo metering pump breaks through the traditional design and uses advanced servo motion control technology to achieve accurate positioning of the plunger of the reciprocating pump. The product is widely used in high precision, large flow, high pressure programmable filling, multi-component ratio and conveying occasions of low viscosity liquid.

The digitized metering pump control system independently developed by the company adopts innovative programming method, combined with the optimized design of high-frequency precision one-way valve, which can make the pumping precision of a single component reach + 2. At the same time, it has advanced functions such as remote operation, pressure, temperature, flow alarm and multi-machine linkage operation. The innovative unique sealing technology without filler, multi-layer and plugging combination greatly reduces the risk of medium leakage, meets all kinds of strict technological conditions and clean requirements, and provides a new sharp tool for the intelligent production of process industry.

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