Product series and parameters
Note: 1. The nominal flow accuracy is measured at 20 ~C using clear water as medium. 2. The outline size is for reference only. Detailed installation size is shown in product specification 3. Only some models are listed in the table. Special specifications can be customized. Please consult the manufacturer for more details.

Industry Solutions (Non-standard Customized Intelligent Mixing System)

In view of the application occasions where the proportion of paint, wine, food, solution preparation and other components changes at any time, a special solution is developed.
Reasonable allocation of pump flow rate according to the proportion of each component
The pump volume of each component is automatically set according to the mixture formula.
Formula files are stored in the system or transmitted by the host computer and run automatically according to production instructions.
Independent dressing coefficient can be set for each component proportion.
The mixer has the least pipeline residue after the completion of the task, and has little effect on the quality of the subsequent mixtures when the product variety is switched.
The system has self-cleaning function
Automatic Sampling Procedure

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