Power Problem of Parts of High Pressure Metering Pump
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Through a single test of the motor of the high-voltage metering pump, we can judge whether the motor or the frequency converter is normal or not.

If the mechanical failure of high-pressure metering pump, we must check the following problems: whether the motor and worm coupling alignment, no matter the worn surface of worm gear, worm, bearing support is normal, regardless of travel adjustment mechanism (N axis) through. Generally speaking, the main content of mechanical failure maintenance is to replace or repair damaged parts.

When the worm wheel and worm are assembled, it is necessary to adjust the meshing position. The adjustment method is: on the red lead thin coating surface of the gear, rotate the worm by hand, observe the meshing point, and locate the bottom of the meshing point to the correct position through the gasket in the base gear box gear or worm wheel. After turning the worm assembly in situ, it should rotate freely without any obstruction. Compared with the stroke of leakage suction, the working load of single pulse high pressure metering pump will aggravate the wear of worm wheel and worm. Therefore, if necessary, the wear of gear should be checked after a period of operation of high pressure metering pump. It can rotate 180 degrees around the axis of M wheel relative to the original position in the world, and then install it to prolong the service life of worm.

Lubrication management of high-pressure metering pump should be strengthened in long-term operation. Observe the designated oil level of gearbox regularly, not too much or too little. Lubricating oil should be clean without impurities, and pay attention to the timely replacement of oil, pumps using N68, N100 mechanical oil. The new high-pressure pump should be replaced once in the first few months. After running for one month, the lubricant is replaced for 6 to 10 months.

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