Three main aspects of metering pump selection
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Metrological pumps can be used in many rigorous occasions. There are many kinds of metering pumps. Moreover, with the progress of technology, the development of industry and the importance of automation equipment, it is very important for metering pumps to have strong matching ability and to adapt to the advantages of a wide range of media. The following is about the main three aspects of metering pump selection.

First, determine the actual maximum pressure: the pressure of metering pump is slightly higher than the rated pressure, generally higher than 10 to 20%. Do not choose too high, too high pressure will waste energy, increase equipment investment and operation costs.

Then determine the flow rate: the flow rate of the metering pump selected should be equal to or slightly greater than the flow rate required by the process. The use range of the flow rate of the metering pump is 30 to 100% of the rated flow rate of the metering pump and the metering pump are of high repetition accuracy at this time. Considering the economy and practicability, it is suggested that the actual demand of metering pump is the rated flow rate of 70-90% metering pump.

Determining the material of pump head: Determining the specific requirements of metering pump, according to the flow performance media selection process of material, this step is very important. If the selection is not appropriate, it will lead to the damage of the leakage and pollution system of corrosive media components or media, and serious accidents can also be caused in serious cases.

Others, such as accuracy, viscosity of media, price of equipment, after-sales service and so on, are factors that need to be considered.

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