The noise of the pump is divided into two parts.
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When many pumps are in use, there will be some noise, some of which is the sound of the machine itself, but some of which are abnormal sound, so we should judge the fault according to the sound. We should find a way to reduce noise and make it run smoothly. For pumps, in the long run, it will produce a lot of noise, which will have a great impact on the surrounding environment and working environment. In this regard, corresponding countermeasures should be taken.

Normally, the noise of metering pump is mainly divided into two parts: mechanical noise and hydraulic noise. In addition, the noise of pump system is mainly transmitted by air through the two channels of floor wall and ceiling. It is very important to prevent the noise from spreading. But the noise of these two methods is different, so they are air noise and isolation. The method of isolating air noise is used to suppress it, and the structural noise should be suppressed by isolation structure.

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