What are the routine protective measures for metering pumps
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Daily cleaning and maintenance of metering pump can improve the efficiency of equipment and extend its service life. What are the routine protective measures for metering pumps?

If the metering pump is used in winter and the ambient temperature is below 10, the winter lubricant should be replaced. The leakage should be checked at the right place between the pipeline and the valve. The valve should be cleaned every three months to avoid blockage. The cleaning agent should be selected according to the actual situation. Under the condition of no pressure at the outlet of the pump, the actual flow rate of the pump is much larger than the additional flow rate, which needs to be adjusted. If there is no pressure at the outlet of metering pump, it is better to use and back pressure valve; because of the inertia of the discharge end fluid during the operation of the pump, the pipeline always produces instantaneous, pulsating impact force. The lubricating oil of metering pump needs to be replaced after 250 hours of operation and every 2500 hours or six months thereafter.

Some parts of metering pump need to be checked and replaced regularly, but they should be replaced according to the actual situation. When replacing, we should pay attention not to destroy the parts.

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