Installation requirements of metering pump seals
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One of the main materials for leakage prevention of metering pumps is seals, which are small, but have important functions. When installing, we must do a good job. Then, what matters should we pay attention to when installing the seals of metering pumps are stated briefly.

1. The metering pump should not destroy the sealing surface or the sealing line of the seals. The sealing performance of the plane seals depends on the upper and lower ends. The sealing performance of the hydraulic seals depends on the lip lines matched with the holes or axes. These parts are composed of soft and resilient special materials, such as graphite, rubber and plastics, and fibers, which are vulnerable to damage. Special protection and care should be given during the process of handling, resettlement and storage. Once damaged, great hidden danger will be left to the sealing parts.

2. No forcible placement, no rough and brutal construction, and large-scale forcible loading is bound to smash the original prefabricated layout of seals, which is the same as filling the prefabricated concrete into the required parts after smashing. The placement of such seals must be very vigilant and meticulous, and the embedding should be carried out step by step.

3. When setting metering pump, balance and symmetry should be emphasized. Arrange the seals exactly where the useful sealing surface (or lip line) is fastened. After the system is opened and utilized, further inspection and the aftermath of fastening seals are needed to prevent the collapse caused by slight leakage due to the change of working conditions (such as pressurization) in the course of the system.

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